Friendship with exes….Should you or should you not engage?

I hope this will help you make your choice and live your life healthily.

Suffice it to say, there are those relationships which though they have dissolved, couples share more than the length of time invested. They have children together, or they share deeper obligations. Their lives are more entwined and entangling them could crack the foundation. In this case, one has to use their own wisdom and judgement after taking into account the circumstances. However, make sure all your emotional needs are not dumped into an ex and vice versa. Share the responsibility and be cordial to each other. Create a friendship of convenience that will ensure the children are not affected or the business shared does not suffer. Be in each other’s lives sharing a goal that requires you to be together but nothing more; have clearly defined boundaries. Moreover, if you have just broken up with a partner, spend some time away from them. Cut them off completely for a length of time you need to get back on your feet and be okay- and focus on healing and finding yourself. After this, then you can revisit the concept of friendship. You will have more clarity and your raw emotions won’t get in the way of your decision. I hope this will help you make your choice and live your life healthily.

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