A Friendship Gone From Doubt To South – Mind Talk

Twenty past one at night
There is noting left of you tonight
Into some cursive heaven you ran away
“I don’t need you anymore.” is what you say

Half past one tonight
You are no longer at sight
I know I said it once before
But you keep on showing it more and more

Twenty to two
There is no longer we and you
Our life you sucked away
And now you won’t even say”Hey!”

Ten to two we pretend we are gonna go to sleep
Acting as if we weren’t fooled sheep
Only left to hold onto our sheet
What he did as not at all sweet

It’s two o’clock already
Our hearts are not beating so steady
Were we really ready
For these gunned out confetti

Ten past two
we are wondering what he wanted to do
And how he can calmly sleep
Knowing he left us bitter with a sweep

Twenty past two it’s been now an hour
From the point of his devour
He let go of our love for someone else’s power
“This was just one silly year.” he said and his words were a cold shower

Half past two has come
And we are getting all undone
Hoping we will last to see the sun
We are crying for the damage is done

Somewhere around ten past four
We have to hide our hearts behind a metal door
For we can’t take this no more
Our crying bodies have been glued to the floor

“I don’t know the time for so long
but I’m done with being strong
It’s time to go to sleep
but even in my dreams I am too deep”

Finally comes the sunrise
The light fills our eyes
It is the end of tonight’s lie
Time to give forgetting you another try…

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