Decoding The Freudian Symbolism in Your Dreams

Decoding Freudian Symbolism Dreams

7. Breasts represented by round fruits.

Wooden and paper objects are symbols of women, whereas breasts are represented by apples, peaches, and fruits in general.

8. A few more representations of dream symbols when it comes to sexual life.

Jewels and treasure may represent a beloved person, while sweets frequently stand-in for sexual delight. Masturbation may be disguised as sliding, coasting, or tearing branches off of trees. Dreaming of one’s teeth falling out (or being pulled) indicates a fear of castration as a punishment for masturbation. Sexual intercourse may be symbolized by an array of scenes and interactions between male and female symbols.

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As much fun as all of this, always keep in mind that a Freudian analysis of dreams is not simple; it takes many years of training to understand the factors that need to be taken into account to conduct a proper interpretation of dreams.

And after all, as Freud himself once supposedly said, “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.”

Written By Frank T. McAndrew
Originally Appeared In Psychology Today

Freudian symbolism in dreams has always served as an important way of decoding even the most confusing dreams, that you might end up having. There are certain dreams that can confound you at times, but Freudian symbolism might help you understand it better. However, don’t try to look for deep meanings in every dream you have; sometimes they are just simple, weird dreams.

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