Freedom to Be – Mind Talk

Freedom to Be - Mind Talk
Be Heaven
Be Strong, Be Compassionate, Be Masculine
Seek Solutions, Be Creative.
In Possibilities, In Parallels, In Greatness
Be Earth
Be Gravity, Be Rooted, Be Feminine
Seek Knowledge, Be Receptive.
To Innocence, To Superiority, To Wholeness
Be Thunder
Be Light, Be Sound, Be Visionary
Seek Attraction, Be Natural.
In Vibrations, In Spontaneity, In Heavenliness
Be Wind
Be Gentle, Be Humble, Be Incisive
Seek Nature, Be Sensitive.
In Gain, In Loss, In Lightness
Be Water
Be Fresh, Be Formless, Be Dangerous
Seek Silence, Be Silent.
In Clarity, In Wisdom, In Completeness
Be Fire
Be Aware, Be Loving, Be Passionate
Seek Truth, Be Impartial.
In Presence, In Endurance, In Infiniteness
Be Mountain
Be Imaginative, Be Courageous, Be Philosophical
Seek Growth, Be Empathetic.
To Giving, To Eternity, To Oneness
Be Lake
Be Cool, Be Calm, Be Collected
Seek Peace, Be Joyful.
In Creation, In Beauty, In Stillness
Be Sky
Be Limitless, Be Dimensionless, Be Consciousness
Seek Space, Be Generous.
In Everything, In Nothing, In Timelessness
Be One!
Be Life, Be God, Be Human
Seek Freedom, Be Yourself.
In Your Self
In each and every moment be the Best you can be
and you shall be free…
Free to Be

By Tajesh Patel


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