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Freedom Is For All

In the air, in the streets, in the town and down everywhere

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I heard the whispers of your good name.

Something about your castle and your glorious fame balancing all upon me, you aim to

shoot the sky.

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And now you can’t just see me eye to eye.

Not long I’ll be there, not long I can hold it until its too late.

So I ask you, could you find someone else to share this weight?

You can leave me like dust, I won’t mind.

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I will grow every day, I’m one of my kind.

The windows are wide open to all promising words.

See in your golden cage, if you caught a few birds.

You can give them all your love but never hold back to set them free.

Freedom is for all and everyone should have its key.

-By Arun Bahadur Gurung

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