Fragmented Feelings

Fragmented Feelings

Her heart began to thud violently. Making her choke with the pain. She tried hard to quieten her heart but the emotions that swirled within made it worse. She wanted to stop it and wished her heartbeat normal again as it had always been. But something against hammered and made it beat rapid heartbeat to count the beats but then her hands trembled. With it her heart ached and the body went numb. The continuous thud dried her throat making her lips quiver. She put her head down on the table and tried to fight the emotions by pushing back all the thoughts that had encroached her mind. But all in vain. Helpless,as she stared at the blank space on the table she felt her eyes burn andbrim.  She then touched them with her trembling fingers but they wereutterly dry.Then dawned the thought in her that she should get up and put her mind on something: read a book or look at the beautiful sky or just talk to her friend all which had always endeared her heart.


But today,her heart had grown wild. It remained untamed. It had just stopped listening to her; went on with its rapid beats. Why? She wondered. What had happened to her? All of a sudden! A moment ago she was all in her sense; normal, cool and sane. Smiled, laughed and talked. But now, she was unable to do that anymore. “Oh my god, how will I live if my heart doesn’t quieten? Am I to live my life in such trepidity?” But the continuous thud made her breathing incongruous. She gasped as her face flushed. Her fingers quivered and the warm blood in her veins congealed. Never had she felt thus before. Until he said that word. It just came as a bombshell and exploded all the emotions within her making her swoon and splurge. Pain that emerged made her dizzy but along with it brought a feeling that made her go ecstatic too. Yes, the ecstasy that made her feel float in the ninth cloud. The moth in her heart fluttered and she swooned. Slowly her heart calmed down and a feeling emerged. A feeling that she always endeared and wished for. But had never experienced. Today, as she felt it she realised the purpose of her life. Life that beckoned her to newer possibilities, that which was mixed with joy and pain. The joy that intoxicated and the pain that healed other wounds. She allowed herself to get drenched with its cool streaks as it mingled in her veins. Her blood warmed up again and she sang, danced as the divine feeling touched her soul and left her mesmerised.


Yes, she had fallen in love, she realised. Love, that which is magical and cherished by all.



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