The Word Was FRAGILE

Our Favorite Submissions :

By Kaitlyn Bell


 I lay there in a mountain of blankets in the dead of night. The cold crisp touch of their caress is refreshing after my long day. My eyes, they wander about the room. I don’t know what they search for. Maybe a thought to think. The sting of a reminder of how quiet it is in this room creeps up my spine. I am alone. Completely and utterly alone. Normally I would relish in the opportunity of my solitude. Yet as I listen to the cold air rush into my lungs I realize just how fragile I really am.



By Joseph Sacca 


His heart raced as adrenaline pumped through his veins beneath his formal. Attire cocoon. The window. opened. and the cold draft followed his thoughts. At his fingertips, the knifes edge smothered by volumes of. warm, gushing blood. No one screamed. Silence filled the apartment. Beneath the misled toe sat a woman and her newborn child.


By Kay Klemanek-Bushnell 


I never knew how fragile I would be after you left. Now that you are gone, life will never be the same, all that remains is the shell of a person who once existed


By Rick Baroni-Meyers 


It’s like trying not to step on a leaf when you’re in the woods. I keep beating around the bush and saying things that aren’t necessarily what I want to say. She’s too fragile to know the truth. I’m afraid, for her sake, to even leave. I’m not sure what she’d say or do and quite frankly I don’t wanna lose her. I honestly care for her but not in the way she wants and.. I’m scared.

The things she’s told me about her life, the things I witnessed… I just can’t leave her alone. She needs me. But these past weeks have shown me that I can’t live with her, she’s not just destroying herself but she’s destroying me. She won’t let me leave if I don’t need to, she won’t let me see my friends because she doesn’t trust them, she tells me if she sees me go then she won’t be able to wake up the next morning. Do you know how much strain that puts on a person like me? Do you know how suffocated I feel.. how much pressure is put on me? My friends are starting to ignore my texts and just batter me about choosing her over them, but only if they knew what I knew.. Maybe they would understand. 

..I told her today… I said goodbye. I walked away. I began to walk home and not even a second went by without me worrying about her.. I had almost walked a whole block away and that’s when I heard it. The Sirens. I tried calling her but she didn’t answer. That’s when I felt it. The drop in my heart, the shortened breath. I felt weakened. I felt helpless. I felt fragile


By Opinionated Mua‏ 




‘Man! You are such a fragile’, laughed Tim with his friends at Vini, pushing him to the floor. 2 days later ‘ Yes I am fragile’, said Vini cutting Tim’s wrists. ‘ So are you now too!’, he whispered as he jumped through Vini’s room to go back home!



By Sulekha Pande 


She was shining in the reflected moonshine.
She was walking slowly, she was lithe, tall and had a snakelike grace, her hair was smooth, jet black that fell to her waist.
She wore a white dress that hugged her beautiful shape. She was not walking, he felt her slide to his side.
She bent over him, as he lifted his arms to hug her, she opened her mouth and her forked tongue tightened around his neck.
He woke up with a banging heart and shaking.
Breathing heavy, when he saw the gift that he’d received for his birthday, last week.
It was a miniature snake-woman, with exact features as his nightmare
He decided to remove it from his bedside table but forgot.
The next week he was out and came back with his wife who was at her mother’s.
He woke up with a start as she shrieked loudly in her sleep.
It was the same nightmare.
This time she had it.

I’ll get rid of this tomorrow morning.
They kept vigil that night, but nothing happened.
The next night both of them had the same nightmare of having been surrounded by thousands of snakes.
It was his wife who suggested to spring clean the house when they found it.
It was kept in a box, a dead white snake, about 5 feet long. With no marks on its body, the box was marked to be about 200 years old, but the snake’s body was intact.
She ran down the steps, picked the miniature up and smashed the fragile piece of art to smithereens.
Then she picked the pieces up and put it into the box with the body.
They went to the riverfront and threw the box into the flowing water.
The nightmare didn’t disturb them ever again.

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