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Four Essentials For The Zodiac Signs

Four Essentials For The Zodiac Signs

Four Essentials For The Zodiac Signs

Aries – A hand to hold, courage, inspiration, the sun

Taurus – A garden, empathy, velvet voices, good wine

Gemini – A good book, a friend, openness, a pen

Cancer – Someone to care for, someone who cares, honey, old photographs

Leo – Challenges, sensitivity, release, love

Virgo – A home, knowledge, a mindfulness class, goals

Libra – Solitude, honesty, a name tag, true love

Scorpio – Peace and quiet, lightning, a mirror, closure

Sagittarius – A blank map, laughter, faith, a path to take

Capricorn – Patience, equality, a role model, warmth

Aquarius – Obstacles, thoughtfulness, resolution, passion

Pisces – Music, a soft bed, water, companionship

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