4 Abusive Behaviors That Are Not Physical But Equally Damaging

Abusive Behaviors Are Not Physical But Equally Damaging

3. Sneaky Insults

Always remember that a great partner will make you strong. They won’t lookout for the first opportunity to insult and belittle you by using sneaky ways and means. If your partner continuously uses the sneaky insult weapon, it is surely time to confront them about this as it means like these can mar your confidence and mangle your spirits.

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A partner is not in your life to stifle your energy but rather he/she must contribute to your growth and betterment. If this is not the case and if they are using mere ‘good humor’ to get back at you and reduce your image in your own mind, it might be time to rethink your relationship. You need a cheerleader, not a scumbag!

4. Isolation

The abuser will always look for a lonely target because it is easier to abuse someone who is lonely. If you aren’t lonely, they will make you cut off the people around you so that you become easy to tackle and so that you don’t question their ways and means.

Don’t fall into the abyss of isolation. Constantly keep in touch with the people you love and the people who love you. It’s absolutely important for your well-being to do so as your loved ones will make efforts to protect you from any kind of abuse.

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Sometimes, a third person can see better than the two people involved. So don’t shut off people.

Most importantly, don’t become an easy target because you aren’t one. If you are in a situation where you are feeling abused, fight it. Never ever allow the abuser to have any sort of control over you. Fight it with all your guts and don’t you dare let that abuser win over you.

You are stronger than anything that you will face and always remember that you have the strength to you to fight with anything, just anything. Trust yourself and your inner reservoir of power. And if you are not able to fight it out yourself, talk to someone, seek help. You will get better. Just don’t fall for something in the name of love.

If it is love, it would never hurt. For love, don’t destroy yourself. You will do better without such love. Choose yourself over everything else. Always! And if you have been through harrowing experiences of abuse, seek help.
Love and Light!

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4 Abusive Behaviors That Are Not Physical But Equally Damaging
4 Abusive Behaviors That Are Not Physical But Equally Damaging

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  1. Abusive behavior is a thing of two people. Every relationship can be harmonious, free. But it can also be addictive, possessive, cruel.
    When we are able to understand that this is so strong and powerful. Like the fire that burns our skin. It is when dependency, possession, living in a cage comes to an end. The end of ill-treatment.

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