Forgiveness: that’s all I’m asking for

Forgiveness: that's all I'm asking for

Not asking you to take me back.

Neither trying to impress you.

I just wanna tell you how naive I feel today.

I know that I broke your heart.

But the damage I caused makes sense only now.

For some reason everything is clear now.

How much I meant to you.

You always had a unique effect towards me.

You were my dream girl standing right in front of me.

But I just looked at it the other way round.

The truth is…

I never believed you loved me enough from the beginning.

You are too special I told myself you were too good for me.

I never gave myself any hopes with you.

Because I told myself you would leave me eventually.

I should have believed in me,us.

You did it without any doubts.

I just see it now,I was too blinded by my own insecurities.

Hence I was so quick to end things.

Hence I gave it up that easily.I’m only seeing the damage I caused now and all I’m asking for is your forgiveness