Why You Should Forget a Soulmate and Find a Weirdmate

Why Should Forget Soulmate Find Weirdmate

Couples who have fun together and are weirdly perfect for each other are the kind of couples that we label ‘Couple Goals’. They’re the ones laughing uncontrollably. Supporting each other unconditionally. Allowing space for each other to grow and make mistakes. Constantly reminding each other that they never have to be perfect, but to always be themselves. Their weird, flawed, quirky, beautiful, and magical selves.

For this is where true love and true intimacy is born. Relationships built on the grounds of compatible weirdness.

A weirdmate is the antidote to a soulmate.

Soulmates are built on grounds of perfection. The perfect person. The perfect relationship.

Whereas weirdmates are built grounds of complete and utter imperfection. Messiness in fact. The imperfect person. The imperfect relationship.

Soulmates are found in the movies. Weirdmates are found once the end credits start rolling, in the sandbox that we call real fucking life.

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They may be imperfect. Messy. But they’re also authentic. Uncaged. Soulful. Passionate. Deeply meaningful. And a whole hell of a lot more fun.

When you come to terms with what makes you weird and you aren’t afraid to let the world know, and you find someone else that has harnessed their inner-weirdo, also. You come together and create this weird little love unit and make this weird little life together that is weirdly fucking awesome in all the best ways imaginable.

I’m telling you…find a counterpart to your weirdness. Find someone with who you can be super uncool with. Life and love are never guaranteed, so let’s laugh our faces off and dance our fucking asses off while we have it.

Forget a soulmate. Find a weirdmate. And be happy and silly for the rest of your life with the person you love.

Written by Jamie Rea
Originally appeared on JamienRea.com

Forget A Soulmate; Find A Weirdmate
Why You Should Forget a Soulmate and Find a Weirdmate
Why Should Forget Soulmate Find Weirdmate Pin

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