Forever Shall Thy Be Tied By Logic

Forever Shall Thy Be Tied By Logic
Umong Shahi

Forever shall thy
be tied by logic
in matter of hearts.

Rinku Shah

Follow your heart,
If you’re smart.
Don’t let your mind
hold you in shackles,
It all depends
on how one tackles.
You can’t get lost,
At any cost…
Your heart knows the way,
Let all dilemmas melt away!

Karthik Parthasarathy

Following the heart,
Ignoring what the brain says,
Not always smart,
At times, it leads to end of days.

Senthil Kumar

In the race
between heart and brain,
The mind is almost always right
The heart is rarely wrong
Chasing the heart, don’t lose the mind
Shackled by the mind,
don’t let the heart slip away
Love is never far away
Life is never fair enough
If you catch the heart, mind it
If you break free from your mind,
have a heart at least

Anindya J Ganguly

The wired mess in my Mind
Chains my feet of desires
Wishing to cater to faith & love
Which floats away along the foyer.

I chase & crave for little love
In a gray landscape full of hearty wish
But clout of clouds bubble around
To cage me in a Miser’s malady.

Jaimie Mazzone

Don’t let your mind control you!
Combine your mind and heart
and let your heart take the lead.
Where there is nothing
but unconditional love
in your thoughts, actions,
and words you speak.

Michael Hodder

Mind Your Passions

Crazy and out the box thinking
Labels a looney til genius
Forgiven of the truth they’re drinking
They can’t see for sight is seen, yes

If the mother of invention
Is a need, necessity
A father must intention
Conception so blessedly

Soon to be born and bred and fed
Most times fruit don’t fall far from tree
Unlocking wisdom from our head
Often requires a heart-shaped key.

Priya Kumar

My mind is heavy,
but trailing my heart
sets me free.

Debra L Laing

My brain insists
that I stay grounded
while I chase my run away heart.

Debra Pry

Chasing love,
but being a hostage
to my brain.

Nancy Shurkoff

Caught somewhere between
the thrill of the chase
and the anchor of reason.

Frankie Crabtree

Without the brain to get in the way
we are free to chase love all day.

Henry Vincent

Answer to your soul
and follow your heart,
use experience to decide
what might tear you apart.


You become insane
if you follow your heart
without brain.

Lauren Ochoa

Follow your heart,
but take your brain with you!

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