The Force Is Me. – Mind Talk by Jade Black

The Force Is Me. - Mind Talk by Jade Black

“The light- It’s always been there. It will guide you.”

~ Maz Kanata

I sat down in the theater to watch Star Wars: The Force Awakens last month. To be honest, it was a day where my perspective on life was not one full of hope, feelings of joy or love. I have found that when I am in need, God/the universe always gives me what I need in the exact timing I require it, and to my expectation this day was no different. God/the universe speaks to me through all forms of life. This may be a friend, a blog post on Tiny Buddha, and even a movie. Today it was a movie that increased my joy and helped me change my perspective.

I went into Star Wars looking for some spiritual fuel and absolutely loved what I found. This movie spoke to me in such a way that I left feeling completely ready to take on 2016. I felt empowered and beautiful (strange, I know), but I also felt amazed that I connected with yet another Hollywood film in a deep spiritual and meaningful way.  My spiritual fuel came from the way I likened the ‘force’ to my understanding of God (reality) and felt that these were interchangeable terms. It spoke to me about my relationship with nature, a higher power and my knowingness that we are all connected. One line in particular stuck out to me, Maz Kanata said “The Force, It’s calling to you. Just let it in.” I immediately reflected on my personal struggle in surrendering my own life and finding the courage to trust that my life is moving along a perfect and completely whole path. The knowing that in this moment I am exactly where I need to be…

The movie also reminded me that my spiritual desires were constantly calling to me, and directing me to live my most authentic life. All I had to do was trust in the infinite wisdom of the universe, my God, and/or love. After all, one of my biggest life lessons has been to give my life to the nature of things and be steadfast in my knowledge that I too was deserving of love and purpose. Also, that when I needed it most that my ‘force’ would call onto me and invite me into a place of assured comfort and gentle mercy.

This movie reminded me to trust in the truth that not only am I guided by a ‘force’ so powerful and intelligent, but to rejoice in the fact that I am a valued aspect of this ‘force’. The ‘force’ lives in me! When you connect with that ‘force’ within, one’s perspective on life changes. A lightness to life overcomes ones being and joy is ever present. Rumi once said that we are not a drop of water in the ocean, we are the entire ocean in a single drop and this movie brought my attention back to this impression. Star Wars: The Force Awakens was a vehicle for another mini spiritual awakening. Who knew? How perfect and unsuspecting. I wrote this with the intention to remind someone that God, the universe, the ‘force’ (which ever you call it) is constantly looking for ways to inspire and engage you. The more mindful we are of this, the more we will have the knowing in our hearts that we are never alone on this spiritual journey.  Every moment in life is speaking to us…it speaks loudly about the comforts we so desperately long for… love and inspired purpose.

Written by Jade Black

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