For War-Weary Empaths

For War Weary Empaths

5. Addiction

If you are struggling with an addiction, then please seek medical/ professional help in the first instance. There are useful services out there and online tools to build into your Crisis Management Plan and get you back to full strength.

  • Reframe the thought. Addictions are not self-care. They are self-harm. Addictions will take a physical toll from your body until you’re forced to deal with the consequences. Be pro-active and enhance your ability to respond to the situation.
  • Swap out negative coping strategies for positive ones. Hold yourself accountable for your weak points but do so with compassion. You deserve to heal just as much as anyone else.
  • Your mind does not require chemical stimulants or sedatives in order to function at its best. The pineal gland and reward chemicals in the brain have been built into our biological design to help cultivate the right behaviours already.
  • Ask yourself the following unanswered questions… “How great could I be if I changed? What could I achieve? Who would I become?”

Putting the work in to make the necessary changes means you will get to learn and understand the true extent of your personal power.

6. People pleasing, attracting toxic people and narcissists

  • Set appropriate boundaries that are in line with your ethos and priorities.
  • Keep a mood diary to help you identify any patterns in your energy levels as this will enable you to recognise which people around you are having a negative impact, i.e. are you always tired after speaking to a particular person? Does someone make you feel particularly uncomfortable?
  • Grey rock method. Narcissists and energy vampires thrive on being able to extract energy from you and so the best way to get them to lose interest is to make yourself as interesting as a grey rock. What does this look like? Well, it basically means giving one-word answers and being boring as hell. Think of it like a conversational version of watching paint dry.
  • Cut the cord of attachment. Legend has it that we are connected to people by a silver cord attached to our mind, body or heart. Imagine these cords between you and the negative influencer being cut with a large pair of scissors.

High functioning Empath

As an Empath, you are a powerhouse of energetic vibration and you have the gift to empower yourself and others, in that order! You perceive everything said and unsaid, seen and unseen, and can even feel what’s going on around you. Your intuition is second to none and you form bonds and lifelong connections with people purely based on your ability to care for them on a deeper level.

With practice and dedication to self-care, you can potentially increase your energetic focus to a much larger area of influence.

Emotions can be contagious. Don’t believe me? Have you ever noticed that when someone is having a bad day then a ripple effect starts taking place on the people around them? What about laughter being infectious? Then there’s yawning.

The most unspoken aspect of being an Empath is that you can influence and amplify the energy around you.

An amplifier in a hi-fi receives an input signal from a source and creates an enlarged replica. What this means is that you can take energy from the sources available (yourself, other people, the environment) and magnify that energetic frequency to radiate around the room.

You may not be able to change the entire world but you can certainly change how you interact with your specific part of it so be the change you wish to see and then go out there and be the positive force you were meant to be!

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Nicola Coultate