21 Health And Nutrition Myths Backed By Science

health and nutrition myths

21. Gluten-Free Food Is Healthier

That’s true for people with celiac disease or those sensitive to gluten. But, if you are not sensitive to gluten and take gluten-free food, you are likely to miss vitamins, fiber, and minerals essential for your body.

Also remember, a gluten-free diet will not help you lose weight. To confirm whether you should eat gluten-free food or not visit your health care professional. 

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The Bottom Line

It’s time to put all the above nutrition myths to rest! There are supplement companies trying to woo people with magic pills and ready-to-have diet foods and drinks for weight loss. Sometimes what research papers claim is not well circulated by the media leading to poor dietary choices. Whether it is weight loss or gain, it’s never going to be quick and effortless. There is no one-fit diet plan for all because health is influenced by myriad factors. And nutrition science is constantly changing. You need a nutritious and sustainable diet plan personalized to your health needs. 

For reliable information about health and nutrition, consult a certified, licensed nutritionist, dietitian, or health coach.

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21 Health And Nutrition Myths Backed By Science
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