21 Health And Nutrition Myths Backed By Science

health and nutrition myths

7. Breakfast Is The Most Important Meal Of The Day

For many of us including me it is impossible to start the day without a stomach-filling breakfast. Breakfast is my energy boost. Skipping breakfast is not a good idea for children and teens who need more energy and nutrients than adults to start a healthy day. Scientists say that’s not the same for all adults!  People with health conditions like pregnancy, heart disease are likely to face adverse health outcomes if they skip breakfast. 

For people practicing intermittent fasting, skipping breakfast or consuming later in the day may help lower calorie intake and consequently decrease the risk of obesity and its comorbidities. Other health benefits are reductions in inflammatory markers and maintaining blood-sugar control. The window of fasting 14-16 hours can be achieved even if one takes regular breakfast and the last meal earlier.

People who eat breakfast daily and consume more calories earlier in the day (rather than at night) and reduce their meal frequency may enjoy health benefits like weight loss, and decreased inflammation. 

In short, there are both health advantages and disadvantages of skipping breakfast. To skip breakfast or not – it’s up to you to make a choice considering your diet and health needs. 

8. Weight Loss Is Easy

That’s not easy for everyone! Sure, you need an intense workout, hard work, patience, and consistent efforts to lose weight. But, as discussed above a host of factors like metabolism and genetics regulate weight loss. There are people gaining weight despite following a strict fat-burning gym routine or popping diet pills. 

Don’t be lured by rapid weight loss videos by influencers on social media or supplement companies. Do you know there are side effects associated with regular intake of weight loss supplements? Diet pills can cause flushed skin, restlessness, unusually fast heartbeat, and even death. 

The healthiest approach for overweight people is to collaborate with a certified and registered nutritionist and health coach. They will design a personalized diet and activity plan for you that will give you desired results. 

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9. Tracking Calories And Macros Is Necessary For Weight Loss

A lot of people are participating in this food tracking game monitoring every food item that is going down their throat. Studies show you gain nothing with such calorie obsession but disordered eating tendencies

10. Calcium Supplements Are Necessary For Bone Health 

Calcium supplements may keep your skeletal system healthy and prevent the risk of osteoporosis. However, recent studies have shown that calcium pills can increase the risk of heart diseases. You can meet your body’s calcium needs by adding yogurt, beans, and other natural sources of calcium to your diet.

11. White Potatoes Are Unhealthy

White potatoes are considered to be the common cause of weight gain and obesity. But, they are loaded with fiber, vitamin C, potassium, and many other nutrients. Those on a healthy diet do add white potatoes because they are a nutritious carb choice. Eating roasted or baked white potatoes is healthier than fried ones. Consuming them with rice or pasta will give you a superior satiating effect 

12. High Cholesterol Foods Are Unhealthy

It is true that dietary cholesterol affects heart health. It is also a fact that only some people are more sensitive to dietary cholesterol because of genetic influence. A healthy diet includes nutrient-dense, cholesterol-rich foods like eggs and full-fat yogurt. And for many people, such a diet doesn’t cause weight gain or obesity. Having two eggs per day does not adversely affect the biomarkers associated with cardiovascular disease risk

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