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I Followed The Night’s Whispers

I Followed The Night's Whispers

I followed the night’s whispers, Past the city’s orange glow, And the windows framing people, I would never get to know, While the air hung thick with silence, Weighed by things I wouldn’t say, So much I felt in my fingers, As I pushed it from the way, And I fought the empty space, That walked beside me in the cold, The invisible reminder, There was nothing there to hold, Until the things, I called familiar, Slowly disappeared from sight, And I felt like the whole world, Was home just me and the night, “Don’t you know you are alone?” I shouted at its endless black, Then was taken by surprise, As a voice came flying back, But the answer was an echo, And the voice I heard my own, Ringing clearly through the silence, “You are alone, alone, alone.”