Focus On Your Goals Sweetheart

Focus On Your Goals Sweetheart

Focus on your goals
sweetheart, these men
only want to waste your
damn time.

-r.h. Sin

55 thoughts on “Focus On Your Goals Sweetheart”

  1. I disagree , people should know who deserve their time and who doesn’t. Their are some great men out there . Women should know how to choose and whom to spend time with while creating their empire .

  2. No,these tamponboys y’all THINK are men waste your time. Learn the difference before you go bashing men who actually give a fuck about women and have goals,a future and plans. Assuming shit don’t get you nowhere.

  3. I still believe there must b someone out there to whom i know my time would b worth it to waste ,…… Focus in your Goals but also have faith cuz There is someone out there for you who will be everything that you need and everything that you never knew you wanted in a partner. Someone will not only see a future with you, but also look forward to it every single day. 🙂

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