Flock of Reminiscence

From all the smoked cigarettes on those peaceful highways
From your softening embrace to your surprising turn-ons

From those soft tender kisses and your romantic ruminations
From your thrilling demands and enchanting presences

I miss those flowing hair my fingers rambled softly,
the kiss that stays like a blessing on my forehead

I miss you in your deemed presence,
I miss your the spring in this bloom

I miss you, in all the thing we did and the things we dreamed about

A beautiful memoir- My Heart now has you at its deepest core,
where I visit those pages we turned.

Those pages that are not only words but bring out you from me,
making me realize you still run into me.

– Your’s Truly

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Written by Vishwa O

I like myself as adventure seeking, fun and self discovering young idealist living in India who has discovered her passion for writing, and inspired to post some thoughts and insights. And wants to be a source aspiring to connect, disconnect and reconnect people, thoughts, attitudes, and insights in most empowering manner woven by words. On a flip side of this intensity there is love for food, music, spas, travelling, talking to unknown people, wandering, spontaneity, hugs, smiles, and pretty much looking forward to great things in this journey called MY LIFE….

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