Flaws – Mind Talk

Flaws - Mind Talk

Flaws are the driving force that will allow us to improve our self or paralyze us into stagnation and solidify us into an eternal victim.

What are flaws? Flaws are the aspect or aspects of our self we see from the human side of the coin, whereas the spirit side of the coin only sees an experience. We perceive the inadequacies of our human nature as wanting and judge it along side of the spirit nature which we understand as perfect. Flaws could be perceived as a/the degree of self worth we have for our self. And this is where that “different kind of courage” steps in. It takes that courage to;

A. Recognize the flaw(s)  
B. Choose if you want to change
C.  Take right action  and
D. The most difficult part of the equation is to apply discipline.

Discipline is the most challenging aspect of this equation because it means a life style change. Are you truly ready to change your life? Are you tired of the status quo? Flaws are echoes of past feelings and emotions that remain trapped in the body, causing body memory. They remain trapped in the body because the brain has yet to figure out a way to release the specters of the past. Remember the brain does not feel, the body feels and no amount of intellectualizing will eliminate a feeling.

You cannot solve a problem with the same mind that created it.” Albert Einstein.

The old adage “I have a feeling” is very apropos here. Feeling the subtle energies is a great gift and having a feeling is you tapping into that gift. Listen to that and not your brain for it is your brain that confuses you. You brain can only interpret feelings not feel them. Once the body starts unwinding through various techniques and exercises the brain is able to take a break from trying to figure it all out and when this occurs you begin to change your life. 

In my book “If You Can FEEL IT You Can HEAL IT” there are particular exercises to help you with this. The one on page 102 is radically different. The book also explains its purpose and how to go about applying it. If you have the courage to do this specific technique without any hesitation and do it properly I guarantee you will change your life. The work is simple but not easy.  Easy is what got us stuck isn’t it? If you want to change your life you have to change the way you have been dealing with your feelings.

Good luck on your inner quest!

If assistance is needed you could private message me here on Facebook  and we can see if we can work together. I look forward to hearing from some of the brave souls that are out there.

Remember flaws are facets that just need a bit of polishing.

– Written by David Berger


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