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First Impressions Of The Zodiac Signs

First Impressions Of The Zodiac Signs

First Impressions Of The Zodiac Signs –

ARIES: If the conversation’s not about you, you’re not interested

TAURUS: Arguing is your drug of choice

GEMINI: Humility is not your strong suit

CANCER: You make emotionally unstable look good

LEO: You might not be the smartest but you’re definitely the loudest

VIRGO: There’s more to you than meets the eye

LIBRA: You take your skincare routine very seriously

SCORPIO: You’re not in a bad mood, you just have a resting bitch face

SAGITTARIUS: You have sexual tension with everyone you meet

CAPRICORN: You’re uninterested in an interesting way

AQUARIUS: You would rather stand out than fit in

PISCES: You act as you have it together but your shirt is backward

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