First day of life..

readers blog first day

Said his mother

on the first day of his life

Watch in Watch Out

Watch properly and Think

Before introducing or getting mingle

Not everyone out there

Is worried and Caring

For your future

Walk and walk properly

Take notice and watch your actions

On your words and on everything

‘Coz you’re getting reflected

At every point of life

Move and move on

Crawl if you can’t walk or run

But keep moving and never stop

That’s the spirit you need

to get high in life

Remember, you always learn New

and have adventures

And never lose in life

Remember, you will have many obstacles

‘Coz it’s not so easy to make to the end

But always remember

You will have many chances where

You have to open new doors

By yourself and for your self

Remember, in life

No one is your friend and neither enemy

Just be true to your self and you to your lord

On the whole, always Remember

Life is what you create and not created by itself

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