The Absolute Narcissist’s Playbook: 60+ Tricks For Pretending They Win

Narcissists Playbook Tricks Pretending You Win

32. “Nothing arrogant about it. I simply happen to know I’m the best at deciding what’s true.” Self-convincing. Pretending that because you checked and agree with yourself again and again you must be right about everything. 

33. “Evidence? I have no use for evidence. I have faith and I’m damned proud of it.” Proud faith. Pretending that a blanket refusal to reconsider other possibilities is a badge of honor. 

34. “That’s boring, confusing, or difficult, therefore it’s irrelevant.” Pseudo-objectivism. Pretending you are the measure of all things and that if something isn’t intuitive to you, you can dismiss it as false.

35. “I don’t know about that so it’s impermissible as evidence.” Blanking-blocking. Pleading ignorance not as an admission of your limitations but as evidence of your authority.

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36. “Is it true? Yes, I hope so.” Reality/hope blurring or magical thinking. Pretending that what you want to think is true is therefore true.

37. “Oh, you just don’t want to believe it.” Reality/hope blurring or dreadful thinking. Pretending that you must be right because your challengers don’t believe it.

38. “You’re just trying to make me look wrong.”

Narcissist's Playbook
Narcissist’s Playbook

39. “It just is.” Literal unreasonableness. Not giving reasons. Employing the words “just” or “only,” which means ignore all other possibilities.

40. “I’m just trying to be righteous, doesn’t that count for everything?” Self-sanctifying. Claiming pure motives as though you’re high self-regard decides anything.

41. “I win because I’m more hysterical than you.” Out-maniaciking. Pretending that debates are won not by realism but by passion, as though if you exaggerate most wildly and passionately your insistence trumps all other considerations.

42. “In general never generalize. Your kind always stereotypes us so you’re wrong about everything.” Hypocritical generalizing. Pretending that an unflattering generalization is wrong because it’s a generalization.

43. “Don’t tell me how I feel! I’m the authority on how I feel! You just want to put me down.” Hypocritical psychologizing. Pretending you believe that people always know what they feel as a way to keep people from psychologizing you while you psychologize them.

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44. “How would I do it? By succeeding!” Goalifizing. Pretending that fanatical passion to reach a goal is all it takes to achieve it.

45. “I’m principled; you’re pigheaded. They’re totally different! Don’t you know that?!” False distinctions. Pretending a double standard isn’t one by declaring a difference without explaining it.

46. “Fine, I’ll shut up forever so you can dominate.” Caricaturizing. Making them sound ridiculous, to shame them out of it.

47. “You question my argument? Fine. I’ll start all over again.” Insistent replay. If they question your argument, declare it over and over again until they give up.

48. “Shame on you for violating whatever absolute moral principle my behavior demonstrates I don’t care about at all except when it comes in handy for guilt-tripping a challenger into submission.” Moralizing. Blaring your police siren so loud it drowns out the sound of your own violations. 

49. “Shame on you for being so insensitive as to trespass on my unchallengeable safe space.”  Theatrical hypersensitivity or PC. Pretending to be offended to shut people up. 

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