Alas! I didn’t remember anything anymore how I would write !

Opened watery eyes stared up, while everything felt so low .

Everything around was pitch dark and that’s how it is at night .

Old memories knocked , blurry eyesight , but I saw something glow .

Wiped my eyes . Oh! Behold !  What a beautiful tiny firefly !

Glowing on and off. After a prolonged time, oh, what a beautiful show !

I stared at her for a long time observing her and quickly blinked my eye .

Lest I lost her somewhere in the dark as I was already arrested ; 

when I had already started following her blindly , I was really unaware .

Only after coming so far , I did realise the glow had gradually already faded .

Alone as I stood , something familiar stared at me so unfamiliar .

It was the same path I had walked hoping it would take me closer to her .

Abandoned ! I did realise everything around me was then too dark .

Making me fully mesmerised , how and when it had started to go away far !

How could I even return back when I had not even left behind any mark !

True that the firefly had shown a ray of love from the darkness at last !

Still these don’t make any sense to you . Am I wrong ? Please say .

Would you mind reading it again with your heart right from the first ?

How funny ! I’m assured that you failed to make any sense of my feelings .

Maybe they were only mine and now waiting to get shattered

as I wait here hopelessly for an imperfect ending because :

The heavenly firefly is you, my dear who is going to abandon me and not stay . 

-By AK