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Finding the Pathway to Your Inner self

Finding the Pathway to Your Inner self

It takes a lot of bravery and patience to find out who you are and  who are you  meant to be ! I’m pretty sure that these kind of exitentials questions across our minds a thousand times during our lives but we always keep ignore it and pretend that we have a good life which we should feel gratitude for it ! Well there is nothing wrong with that but the fact that deep inside you don’t feel comfortable in our own skin and you feel like you’re stuck constantly in the same circle reveals that you actually haven’t find yet your true self and that’s ok ! because it’s not easy and it will never be!


especially that we re living in a very rigourous society which shapes your whole life according to its norms and stereotypes: you should study, get a job, get married at certain age, pay bills and wait for death ,so you find yourself taking unconsciously wrong desicions , flowing absurdly the crowd and ignoring the  inner voice internally that tells you “HELL NO”


It’s quite hard to get out of your comfortable zone and trust your intuitions !

It’s really hard to be against the current!

we trust people choices more than we trust ours ! why ??

because we ‘re afraid ,anxious ,we’ re always in a hurry running out of time  ,we dont give ourselves a little me time to find out what we really want!

I truly believe that god has created each one of us for a very specific reason and it’s up to you to find out that mission ! your mom didn’t give birth of you in vain so make it worth her pain !


If you have been always pushed to do things that doesn’t match your perspectives or your ambitions .. then i guess thats a good sign to stop ,take a deep breath ,change your plan and start over and over again til you figure out the  meaning of life ! its never  too late to start again and no matter how it costs it won’t be as the price as loosing your true self forever!