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It was quiet the last weeks. Very quiet.

People who are busy in the spiritual field also have bad days. Not everything is wonderful and colorful – but right in those dark moments lies the biggest potential for awesome growth. It is that moment when you are on your knees, crying out all that emotional pain and letting yourself drown in all those feelings. 5dsoull

I was at this point during the last weeks. I managed to do my daily tasks. I managed to go to work and do the stuff that needed to be done. But as soon as I sat down after all daily things were finished.. that flood of thoughts, emotions, feelings made me drown completely.

I do know that everything happens indeed for a reason and of course I know that everything around me is a huge mirror which is showing me what needs to be healed inside me and that I still have a lot of shadow work to do (although I already did a lot..there is always more..). But that knowledge does not protect you from that huge hole you fall into from time to time. I was questioning everything. I felt that whatever I tried to do was going wrong anyway. So why still try? The longer you are in that hole, the deeper it actually gets. The longer you are in it the more thoughts and feelings are coming up begging you to heal them.

What restored my faith into the universe and into the belief that the universe does listen to what we desire is that sometimes very special people are set on your path.

Those people help you to see everything in a fresh and different light again. That dark hole gets all of a sudden a little bit lighter. The weight on your shoulder seems to get lighter. Days are not that cloudy anymore and even the rain outside is finally beautiful again. You get that feeling deep down inside your heart that indeed everything will be fine in the end.

Those people help you to believe in yourself again and they show you love. You feel surrounded by light. Warm and loving light which lifts you higher and gives you the strength to take the next step. They are the ones who are allowed to take a deep look into our soul. It doesn’t feel uncomfortable if they do. They already did. So many times. In other realities, places, dimensions. They are the ones who can tell us if we screwed up because we know they want to help us to become our best version. maxresdefault

As soon as you meet those people, you feel an instant connection. It feels as if you already know them for ages. Actually you do, you simply don’t remember. Listen fully to your heart and let them in. Let those special people break the walls you created around your heart and let them help you to fill it your heart with love again.

It’s more than worth it.

No matter how tough it seems. No matter what goes wrong. Simply trust in yourself and in the universe to set the people from your soul group on your path. In the exact right moment. Maybe it’s not the moment you wish, but it will be the right one for sure.

Lots of love,

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