When I find the will to walk

When I find the will to walk
Karthik Parthasarathy

When I find the will to walk,
the path shows up by itself

Carlos Ocampo

You design
your own destiny.

Da Sho
Da Sho

Create your own destiny

Shilpa Patel

If you don’t like the road created by society,
pave your own.

Karthik Parthasarathy

When I find the will to walk,
the path shows up by itself
Whether I walk a mile or just a block,
It is totally up to myself.
All I have to do is decide,
To take action and move on with life.
My mind will be my guide
And clear up all the internal strife.

M Jeyaram

A walk unto myself;
With my vision being clear
And my mission being near;
In need of no followers
Yet i leave my footprints.
No apologies and no regrets;
No fears and tears.
The road is taken
And is never mistaken.

Tanu Malhotra

In the woods of darkness,
pave your own way with light.
Go on walking, never give up,
neither in distort nor in delight.
It is the doers alone,
who can change their paths,
while He, only lays the base design.

Rinku Shah

Create a path where there was none,
Battles have to be fought to be won.
If you dare to walk alone,
A new road will be shown.
Your soul will paint the way,
You will not be led astray!

Ravina Jain

Life is art, and we
Merely a stroke
on it’s vast canvas,
Trust the Divinity,
for shades of infinity;
And walk the journey right,
For long is the road,
and far the sight!

Sulekha Pande

Where there’s a will,
there’s a way,
as they say,
I am on my way,
I trust, my efforts,
will fructify,
and the brush of my destiny,
will pave the way

Barbara Bauer
Barbara Bauer

Make your own path
in the world.

Abhipsha Adhikari

A new path, just for me
Where I walk alone
Just wait and watch
How far I’ll soon reach!

Kirsty Rice

Sometimes we need to create
our own paths to take

Susan Barth

Sometimes the right road to take
hasn’t been paved yet!

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