Find happiness even amidst all the odds

Find happiness even amidst all the odds

It was a Friday morning, everything around seemed quiet with a few vehicles plying on the roads. The violent incident erupted on the previous night had left the city in an utterly tensed and boiled-up like situation. The weather was a bit cool with drizzle and a gentle breeze. I reached the bus-stand a little early that day and was waiting for the university bus with no companions around to talk. While I was waiting there, my eyes dwelled on the other side of the road.

A lady was standing on the road-side with her small child. She seemed to be in her mid-thirties, tall and slim. Her uncombed hair flipped by the breeze. She wore a simple saree with light home slippers while her son was neatly dressed for school. Her one hand held a black umbrella and other gripping her child’s hand. Her face wore a perplexed and tensed looks while her son was totally unfazed with his face lit up in the morning light. Completely unaware of what was going on, the boy looked thrilled and restless to go to school like every day to learn new things. He seemed happy and not an ounce of anxiety on his face, he mischievously tried unclasping her mom’s hand to run free.

The mother was perplexed with her wide open eyes searching for cabs and her mind completely preoccupied with the ongoing situation. While these strings of events were unfolding in front of my eyes, I heard the loud horn of our bus coming to the bus-stand. I got on the bus and this beautiful story ends here. I quite don’t know whether the boy could go to his school that day. But his innocent and happy face still flashes in my mind and makes me believe that happiness could be found even amidst all the odds if we are really passionate in life and if we overlook the petty things that deter us away from our goals.

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