This Is What It Feels Like To Break Up With A Narcissist

7. Narcissist partners have a tendency to indulge in more of making out with the other partner just as a part of enjoyment and exercising power over the other.

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There is barely any softer emotions like love and affection involved here. The intensity and magnitude of sex may be so much that this may make the other partner feel hollow and vapid after break-up but one must combat this thought by believing the fact that there was absolute absence of empathy and compassion in those days and it is time to re-adapt the milder human emotions once again.

8. The Narcissist will invariably find another partner immediately after break-up because the ‘want’ or rather the ‘hunger’ for everything is extreme in a Narcissist and there is no such thing called feelings.

Therefore, it is very easy for him or her to forget about one person and get hitched with another in no time. This may cause jealousy in the ex-partner but well, there is every way out to jeopardize the jealous feelings by thinking about the ‘poor girl’ or ‘poor boy’, who is the present prey of the Narcissist. The very next feeling will be much happier and pleasant.

9. The regret and grief associated in relationships with a Narcissist is very much perturbing and the pain pertains for a long time in another partner even after break-up as well.

However, one has to be mentally strong enough to help the heart to heal from the past wounds as soon as possible for the own betterment.

It is hard to be with someone who is a Narcissist and even harder it is to be forgetful of the aching aftereffects as well. However, with a little effort, it is pretty much possible to take charge over the brighter side of life!

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