5 Reasons Feeling Insecure In A Relationship Is A Red Flag

Feeling Insecure Relationship Red Flag

He would say he was coming over and he would be hours late. He wouldn’t answer his phone calls because he was supporting other people. He told her he didn’t want a real relationship but would come over looking for sex anyway.

All of these things made her feel insecure and, because she was ignoring them (and not telling me about them), they just got worse.

Ignoring the signs that things aren’t good is a huge red flag that your relationship might be doomed.

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4. You aren’t listening to your friends.

How many times have you told a friend something, only to have them ignore you and do what they want anyway? Hundreds, right?

Are your friends telling you things right now that you are ignoring? Are they pointing out issues in your relationship that isn’t healthy? Are they pointing out red flags that you are missing? Are they making you feel like your relationship might not be as good as you want it to be?

If you are ignoring your friends, it might be one reason you are feeling insecure in your relationship. No matter how hard you try to convince yourself that your relationship is healthy, the words of your friends are always buzzing in your head, causing you to question your relationship and feel bad about yourself.

And if your friends are telling you to get the hell out of there, that is definitely a red flag!

5. Your life has been thrown off course.

Is your life not what it used to be before this relationship began? Have you lost touch with some of your friends? Has your work suffered? Have you gained or lost weight? Are you having trouble sleeping? Has your life has been thrown off course because of the relationship that you are in?

I remember being in a relationship with someone who wouldn’t commit to me. He kept on saying he would but then he would come and go. It was making me question everything about myself. I couldn’t sleep, my work suffered and I blew off my friends, sitting by the phone waiting for him to call. I felt like a shell of the person I was before the relationship. And boy was I feeling insecure as a result, especially because of the fact that I knew this unhealthy relationship was bringing me down.

So, if your life has been thrown off track by this relationship, pay attention. The insecurity that you are feeling is a huge red flag that should not be ignored.

I know that feeling insecure in a relationship does not feel good.

Relationships should be all about love and friendship and good times, not about being disrespected, not being yourself, losing your friends and your life, and ignoring signs that this all indicates toxicity.

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Take a good stock of the things I talked about above. If there are red flags that you are ignoring in your relationship and they are making you feel insecure, do something about it. Confront it – either with your partner or on your own.

Don’t waste one more minute in a relationship that makes you feel insecure. Life is too short!

You can do it!

If you have made it this far you must really be feeling insecure in a relationship. Let me help you, NOW, the pain gets worse! Email me at mitzi@letyourdreamsbegin.com, or click here, and let’s get started.

Written By Mitzi Bockmann
Originally Appeared In Let Your Dreams Begin
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5 Reasons Feeling Insecure In A Relationship Is A Red Flag
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