Feel the Feeling

Feel the Feeling

I feel you have to undergo certain processes to understand them completely, some process are experiences to feel, and not a flowchart or a manual to learn.

Hence my Dear, the Life.

Sometime outside perspectives doesn’t help, some processes can only be learnt by undergoing them, living them participating in them, just learning about it from talks and literature doesn’t fully cover it flavor and is also not complete truth.

The soul has come down to this process to FEEL, just trust, believe and GO ON.

What do you think?

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Written by Vishwa O

I like myself as adventure seeking, fun and self discovering young idealist living in India who has discovered her passion for writing, and inspired to post some thoughts and insights. And wants to be a source aspiring to connect, disconnect and reconnect people, thoughts, attitudes, and insights in most empowering manner woven by words. On a flip side of this intensity there is love for food, music, spas, travelling, talking to unknown people, wandering, spontaneity, hugs, smiles, and pretty much looking forward to great things in this journey called MY LIFE….


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