I Feel Like We Are In Two Different States

I Feel Like We Are In Two Different States
Jaimie Mazzone 

I feel like we are in 
two different states. 
One state is called denial and 
one state is called acceptance. 
But neither state holds a city 
where we call home.

Rinku Shah 

Bedroom Rift:

Made us apart drift.
Need to make a shift,
Revive the love gift.
Rules to follow
Pride we must swallow.
Fight less, Cuddle more!
Text less, Talk more!
This invasion
Of mobile and television.
Must end now

Karthik Parthasarathy

You and me – So near yet so far,
Two lives where one should be lived.
Not a healthy space born out of love,
But a gap created by 

the distractions that are.
The only question – the one that is final,
Are these distractions 

external or internal?

Sulekha Pande 

Look at us,
we were once in love,
which has flown out like a dove,
the modern day technology,
has permeated our psychology,
the cracks are widening,
the love is diminishing,
the day is not far,
when love vanishes
from your radar
Turn over,
bridge the gap,
let love make
you whole again.

Kit Batina 

Technology tears people apart

Sarrvesh Waran 

The love we ignored.
The cuddle we never shared.
The attention we never gave to each other.
The kisses we never kissed.
These are all what we have missed.

Kawaljit Singh 

Our decisions and choices
define our directions,
We keep it a secret,
we need it this way,
It’s all crazy relationship
the way we
can turn off and on.

Anna Marie Brown 

So close, yet so far away. 
Many issues building a wall 
and our bond is cracking. 
We’re getting further apart, 
living our own lives eventually

Susan Barth 

The crack started before bed.
 The backs turned before bed. 
The T.V. And Book were 
the only reason we are still there.

Mississippi Writer Laurie Parker 

Our attention to the luminous screens 
of our devices is undivided…unblinking. 
What are we thinking?
The divide between us grows, 

but our uncaring, fixed stares 
don’t see the deepening 
fissure in our love

Anjana Surendran 

Innovations and inventions 
of socialization 
holding us miles apart 
even when at a hand’s reach.

Mai Quesada 

Love no longer holds us together.
communication between us no longer exist.
are we on the verge of separation?!
How sad that we ended up like this!

Scott Snethen 

“Digital Divide”.

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