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Feel It To Heal It: Why We Need To Stop Numbing The Pain

Feel It To Heal It

Feel It To Heal It

People allow their feelings to hold them captive. They spend much of their life resisting their true feelings. Guilt makes them lament, anger makes them feel guilty, and sadness makes them feel weak and love or hatred makes them feel scared.

Some people choose to numb these feelings with alcohol, drugs, or sex while some try to suppress it by exerting extreme control on their emotions.

The numbing down or controlling your feelings and emotions work for a while, but then it hits you, hits you hard. If we numb the pain we will never know if we are healing so ‘you gotta feel it to heal it.’ And this is probably the best advice to anyone who hates the feelings that make them vulnerable.

Wherever you land is the result of your actions, whether you enjoyed while doing it or absolutely hated, each event has a catalyst that sparks the transformation.

When life puts some crazy situation in the form of the demise of a loved one or some childhood trauma or failed career or relationship, we are unable to face the real pain that comes with them so we look for ways to escape it.

But the only way out is through it.

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Feel It To Heal It.

Through the pain and suffering, a ride into feelings, hurts, and loneliness.

There are people who try every other way out and their failure is evident. You got to feel it heal it, no other way around.

One of the best ways to go through it is meditation.

The place where you need to allow the feelings is mind, quiet the mind, and feel it. Introspect, talk to yourself and behold yourself from a universal standpoint. Ask yourself if you are supposed to face it or numb it, ask if you’re hiding it and why? Let your heart speak what it feels. Should you even be caring about what others got to say about you?

Watch out this video to know the scientific power of meditation:

Here you will not just chant your problems like a mantra but dive deeper. If you’re scared, why are you scared? Look for the reason, why you fear what you fear? And can you let yourself be scared? Can you forgive and let go of the past?

It’s okay to feel scared. It’s okay to feel greedy, it’s okay to feel sad, just let these emotions go through you. Feel It To Heal It

The more you try to suppress your feelings, the more they come up. Let them do their part of delivering the message from the universe. This way they won’t leave you right away but they won’t stick around for longer than they need to.

You will still grieve, you will still be depressed and get frustrated but giving them their space will let them do the healing. When you feel them, instead of trying to numb them or control them, they are powerless.

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These feelings are there for a purpose, to bring the transformation that is needed in you, to give you the lessons that you needed to learn. It is the catalyst to transform you, bring inside the evolution of your character. There isn’t a shortcut; you got to feel it to heal it.

Setting feelings free is the only way to set yourself free. So, feel it to heal it.

feel it to heal it
Feel It To Heal It: There’s no Shortcut
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