Why Do You Feel Emotional After Sex? Here’s Your Answer

Feel Emotional After Sex

Other times, you find yourself in a sexless relationship, not because of spite or ill-will, but because your sex drive has plummeted. 

That which used to give you so much intimacy and closeness, has turned into something you actively don’t want. 

And so, when months or years of no sex is at long last replaced with a sexual encounter – one you really want and enjoy – it can set things off inside of you that have long been forgotten. 

Not only do you feel connected to your partner again – but connected to yourself. 

Parts you thought you’d perhaps never experience again, start to come alive. The sexual side of your identity, your self-confidence, and self-esteem are renewed. You experience that mind-body connection that makes you feel energized, happy and content. 

It’s a truly emotional experience that can bring the good kind of tears to your eyes. 

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Working It Out

There are lots of reasons you can end up feeling emotional after sex. Some are very closely tied to the sexual experience: perhaps it was unsatisfying, embarrassing, or a down-right disappointment. 

Some have nothing to do with sex – yet lead us to feel down and irritated – a condition known as post-coital dysphoria. 

Other times, sex is bliss, leading us to feel emotional in a good way; vulnerable, close, connected with our partner and to ourselves and our sexual identity. We cry tears of joy – not sadness. 

By using the answers above as a checklist, you can answer the question “why do I feel emotional after sex?”. The next step is working out how to deal with it. 

Originally published on Therapy by Leigh
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Why Do You Feel Emotional After Sex? Here's Your Answer
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