Be in a Relationship With Someone Who Makes You Feel Anything But Loved

Be in a Relationship With Someone Who Makes You Feel Anything But Loved

Be in a relationship with someone who makes you feel anything but loved.

Yes, you should do that.

Forget all the articles you have read about being with someone who makes you feel special and important. Drop the idea of having the kind of love that you feel you deserve or that can be at your side when you are facing life’s worst. The role of love is very important. Give up the dreams of finding that person who can give you beautiful surprises or who can feel lucky just to be with you

Sounds weird? Yes, but that’s what you should do.

You should be involved with someone who makes you feel awful, someone who treats you like a piece of shit. Looking at your condition your friends should think about what is making you be in such a pathetic relationship.


Someone who treats you like trash.

Date someone who never replies to your messages and never bothers to plan anything and never makes effort to meet you or be with you.

Find someone who demeans you and makes you wonder their feeling for you because they are least bothered to tell you anything.

Find someone who makes you feel used and lets you know you have no business in their life. You should never hope to find them by your side when you need them the most.

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Find someone who never enquires after your near and dear ones and upsets you all the time but never bothers to say sorry. Be with someone who has no feelings for you.


Find the person who treats you in the worst possible manner.

And then give yourself completely to them. Don’t mind how they behave. Despite the worst treatment you receive, find excuses for their behavior and tell yourself why you are the only one who understands their ways. Just pretend that everything is fine when nothing is. Convince yourself that you and only you can change them and a time will come when they will love and thank you for being there, for bearing with them.


Love them no matter what, even when everything in you screams you shouldn’t.

And then see your heart getting shattered into million pieces. Let your condition shock you.

Sit down and wonder why you got treated like shit when you invested everything you have. When you feel anything but love, you know what you want.

Examine your behavior and ask yourself if you lacked something.

Could you have given something more that would have caused them to change, to give love in return for love? Hold yourself responsible for their faults and limitations.


Blame yourself for being treated like a doormat.

But then…

Slowly but surely you’ll be awakened into reality. You’ll get up and move on. And then, one morning will come, when you will wake up refreshed. No longer will your mind be sore with the memories of the past. Even though the memories won’t fade, but you will not be affected by them.


Find someone who treats you like shit

Because only then you will truly know how you actually want to be treated.

You’ll metamorphose from being someone who puts their heart and soul into appeasing others who treat you in the most despicable manner, to someone stronger. You will realize your worth and be mentally strong enough not to tolerate anybody dares to treat you like shit.


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Get into a shitty relationship

Because it will mold you into a person who will not wait a moment to shrug off someone who makes you feel anything less than wonderful.

Be in a Relationship With Someone Who Makes You Feel Anything But Loved

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