What Your Favorite Animal Says About You

Favorite Animal

5. Rabbits

What Your Favorite Animal Says About You

Almost all of us love rabbits but if they are your favorite animal then it shows that you are an intuitive, gentle and peaceful individual. You are a quiet, sweet and warm-hearted person who has a kind and soft nature. Although that may make you seem feeble, you are undoubtedly strong and realistic. You are highly practical in your approach towards life, have realistic imagination and know how to survive the challenges and obstacles life throws at you. You analyze your environment carefully and focus on solutions rather than dwelling on problems.

6. Horses

What Your Favorite Animal Says About You

If your favorite animal is a horse, then you thrive on independence and adventure. You have a resilient, confident and free-spirited personality which empowers you to push through all hardships. You may become impatient or annoyed when your independence is challenged and you are not known for following orders. You are highly creative and imaginative and love to break free from social boundaries. You are powerful and strong yet gentle and kind. Just like your favorite hoofed mammal, you are majestic, graceful, beautiful, classy, genuine and always strive to be your best. You are also impulsive, restless and cheerful. You tend to take time to form relationships as you can be shy and cautious when it comes to being vulnerable, but once you build a connection with someone, you are committed and loyal.

7. Birds

What Your Favorite Animal Says About You

Are birds your favorite animal? Our feathered friends can also teach us a lot about who we are. People who love birds tend to be highly social, friendly, optimistic and outgoing. You have an innate need to keep moving forward and tend to be very active. You have a strong and dominating personality, you are willing to take risks and you don’t prefer the idea of being stuck in the same place for too long or settling down. You are an ambitious individual who will not hesitate to make sacrifices for their loved ones. You are also very expressive, caring and polite in relationships and friendships. Like the birds you adore, you believe in looking at the bigger picture and see every situation from a higher perspective. 

If the owl happens to be your favorite bird, then you are highly aware, sensitive and intelligent. You love being a perfectionist and a realist. If you relate more with an eagle, then you are a determined and proud individual who values success but takes a holistic approach towards life.

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8. Goats

What Your Favorite Animal Says About You

If you adore goats, lambs, antelopes, deer or llamas, then you are motivated & determined to win. You are an assertive person and may have a tendency to believe that you are unique. At times you may nag, whine or throw tantrums to get what you want. You don’t like to be controlled and keep your distance from demanding people. You love having a “unique” personality that contradicts your appearance. In relationships, you want a loyal partner who will pamper you and take care of you. But due to your expectations you may have a hard time maintaining a healthy relationship. However, you can also be trustworthy, caring and sweet towards your partner.

9. Monkeys

What Your Favorite Animal Says About You

Is your favorite animal a monkey? Then you know how to have fun and enjoy life. You don’t take things too seriously as you enjoy laughing and having fun with your friends and family. You are entertaining, jovial yet intelligent who realizes that each and every moment of life should be celebrated and enjoyed. Although you are incredibly sociable, you love being independent and flexible which means you often refrain from expressing what you truly think or feel. You may have a large social circle but you are very selective about who you’re close with. Regardless, everyone enjoys your company as you can motivate and encourage anyone to taste the different flavors of life. Everyone around you likes you because of your genuineness and your goofy, curious, and impish personality.

10. Wolves

What Your Favorite Animal Says About You

Unlike dogs, this type of canine is a lot more mysterious and like the majestic wolf you also have a mysterious nature. Similar to your favorite animal, you are an independent loner who is often seen as aloof. But you have close friends and loved ones who you consider members of your “wolf pack”. You are mentally and emotionally strong which helps you easily adapt to different situations. You have high standards and are determined to achieve your goals. You tend to act impulsively yet intelligently when it comes to overcoming challenges. Regardless, you are a responsible, content, and composed person, unless someone provokes you.

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11. Reptiles

What Your Favorite Animal Says About You

Do you like lizards, snakes, crocodiles or alligators? Reptiles are amazing creatures and people who like them tend to have a unique personality. You are independent and enjoy alone time. You don’t like to be the center of attention and love having your personal space. You are a reliable, hard-working, analytical and goal-oriented person who can be unpredictable and unorthodox at times. Although you may lack humor, you can be extremely witty and charming. You tend to have a mysterious persona that attracts people towards you and you can easily adjust your personality depending on the situation, just like the chameleon. Being reflective, you tend to be a perfectionist and criticize yourself a lot. You don’t like to expose your insecurities or flaws, so you take extreme measures to keep them hidden. In relationships and friendships, you tend to be aloof and may discard a person when they may not be useful to you anymore. You get bored easily in relationships and believe that you can always find someone better.

12. Lions

What Your Favorite Animal Says About You

You are the king of your jungle and a born leader. If lions are your favorite animal, then you are an extremely confident, brave, independent, and ambitious person who commands respect. You are also curious and prefer to work or function on your own terms. Although you can follow others, being a leader comes naturally to you. You are also very protective of your loved ones and this is why everyone feels attracted to you. You are mentally and emotionally resilient, humorous, warm and sweet with your friends and family. You never shy away from standing up for the weak and helping the needy.

13. Tigers 

What Your Favorite Animal Says About You

Another popular big cat, the tiger is a fierce and intimidating creature and if they are your favorite animal then it means you embody their personality to a great extent. Your extreme confidence and mysterious demeanor intimidates others around you, while your impressive leadership qualities make sure you achieve the goals you set in your life. You don’t have time to care about what people think about you as you are an independent, wise, creative, patient and determined individual. You are the manifestation of power and charisma which makes you highly attractive. You have a clear vision and plan for your future and you love to inspire others to be resilient and courageous.

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