Toxic Family Ties: When to Let Go Abusive Family Relationships

Let Go Abusive Family Relationships

“But can’t I help them?”

“No, because they are not asking for help. I know you have believed that if you just love them enough, they will heal and love you back, but this will never happen because they are not open to your love.

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They feel inadequate in the face of your open heart and their closed hearts, and they take their self-judgment out on you. There is nothing you can to do to help them open their hearts. Only they can do that. It is unlikely your mother or brother will ever open their hearts, but perhaps your son will in time. He will come to you if he does.”

“But I have such a great life now. Isn’t it selfish of me to just let them go abusive family?”

“No, it is self-responsible. It is not loving to yourself to be around people who treat you badly.”

Ruth understood. She felt sad but relieved. She finally saw that all she could do was pray for them to open their hearts.

Are you ready to let go abusive family ties?

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Written by Margaret Paul, PhD
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Family Ties - When to Let Go
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