Fall in love with a thought

Fall in love with a thought

I fall in love once or twice a day, but it’s usually with a thought, or an idea, not a person.
-William C. Hannan

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  1. I love so many things in life I can not begin to list. Many are people, and no it is not the idea of them. It is the person them self. How do I know? Because , I created that person. I love every ounce of them. From the time we were one till the miracle seperated us, I loved them. True Unconditional Love.

  2. my first thought was all the things i love each day that have nothing to do with people like when i see a beautiful flower. i fall in love with it on some level and stop and admire it, and when the sky looks a certain way some part of me in that moment loves the sky, or when its real hot and muggy and you enjoy a ice cream cone or a really good tasting glass of lemon aid. I fall in love when i think about these things or other beautiful thoughts throughout my day and they are not people. when i think about helping injured or abandoned animals or remember some awesome story i saw or read. i fall in love with ideas like going fishing or going on a dream trip or seeing wonders. i fall in love with these things from time to time throughout my day and they have nothing to do with a person! thats what i got from this .

    1. Exactly! You gotta learn to fall in love with the simple things in life before you can even begin to attempt to love another human being in this day by day polluted world. If u can't appreciate the small things you will definitely fumble when your holding onto something bigger. Each generation that passes us by it's definitely gunna be harder to fall into true love. This world ain't right.

  3. Suman Sinha. I think what the writer might have been trying to say is that people are hard to love these days. And that you can find love in more areas than a significant other OR simply a loved one. You gotta love yourself regardless before u can love another. That all starts off with having good thinking habits πŸ˜‰ just my opinion tho.

    1. I loved this quote.
      Guess what. I feel everyday that I am in love. But with whom?
      I have no one to be in love with. No particular person. Life isnt tht good to be in love with either. And I have flaws too, though I accept them completely. I talk to people and I feel I m in love. But not so many people. Their thoughts, their ideas. <3
      This talks so much about me.

    2. It is an awesome quote. It makes u think. Anything that does that to me is feeding your brain with that good stuff. I feel you tho. I'm in love with myself. Lol. Cuz by doing so I can love the good things in life and others. I've even learned to love people who ain't worthy of my affection. But from a safe distance πŸ˜‰

  4. You don't love the person. You love the idea of the person. I think we are making a very delicate sensitive feeling of human emotions into a complex one. Love come from attractions, compatibility, matching of emotional and mental wavelength. It also come from mutual understanding, respect and caring attitude with unconditional sacrifice. An idea that can change our lives. An idea that can be appreciated or critically appraised but never be loved. Love is a completely different mental state of being often induced by the decision of heart. Where an Idea is appreciated from logical rational calculation from hypothalamus. Even if heart plays a role to appreciate the idea , it is still not love. I like to differ with the post.

    1. The post, or rather the way I see it, I am not in love with a person, but with ideas.
      The idea here is not the idea of love
      But ideas in general. As to building a bridge, or maybe a common idea about a human psychology or anything.
      The quote refers to falling in love again and again. With not people, but thoughts of their brains

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