If They Are Failing To Feed Your Soul In These 6 Ways They Aren’t Your Soulmate

If They Are Failing To Feed Your Soul In These 6 Ways They Aren't Your Soulmate

The two partners have to be mature enough to understand that everyone has a life of their own and trust each other to love it to the fullest without forgetting all about them. If both the partners can come to a consensus on how much space they need to grow and thrive as individuals, and then not begrudge each other for that, they will definitely not face any altercations or problems in life. Personal space is a necessity and not just a luxury; so don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.


5 Being your pillar of strength

A true soulmate will be the pillar of strength when you need them. They will know when to lift you up and when to hold you when you need it. They will help you survive the tough times and ride effortlessly over the easier ones. They will never demand more than what you can offer without harming yourself, be it your love or your time. They will never drain you completely.

They will always add to your strengths and not drag you down. And they will give you as much love as they demand. They will nourish and protect you and also give you the space to grow. If instead they only care about their own problems and constantly ask for attention regardless of your own complications, then they aren’t really your soulmate because if they were they wouldn’t have been this selfish.


6 Always taking equal responsibility

They will never let you pull the cart alone. They will always be right there with you when it comes to sacrificing their own personal quirks for strengthening the relationship. Relationships don’t come easy. They take a lot of work and communication and sacrifices to build up to something significant.

And they do it without any qualms because they know you are doing your best as well. They will not expect you to shoulder the entire burden by yourself. If they only expect you to do the dirty work, and complain when things are not all sunshine and rainbows then they are not your soulmate. You are partners and partners are in for the equal haul not just the bright parts.

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If They Are Failing To Feed Your Soul In These 6 Ways They Aren't Your Soulmate

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