Factors that decide how glorious or mortifying life we may lead

How glorious or mortifying life we may lead depends largely on what may transpire at the occasions we know as “Turning points or the “Nodal points” of our life.

What is exactly implied by these terms can be best understood with the help of the following diagram.

Just look at the bottom of the diagram, where “0” is written. This point represents the date you were born.

The journey of our life begins at this point.

Suppose – you have lived through half of your life and have come up to the point marked “5” in the diagram, just think of the reason why you are positioned at the point marked “5” – not at the point “4” or “6”.

Obviously, you are standing at the point “5” because you should have travelled from the point “0” toward the point “1” first and then, would have travelled from the point “1” toward the point “5”.

You would have stood at the point “4” – if you would have moved from the point “1” toward the point “4”.

But now that you are past the 1-2-3 line, howsoever best you try – you can’t travel back to the point “1” to move toward the point “4” (or any of the points 6, 7 or 8).

Nor can you move back to the point “0” all over again to walk along the route “0→2→6” or the route “0→2→7”.

Once you have reached the point “5”, you have no choice to travel toward the points 9, 10, 11, 14, 15, 16, 17 or 18.

Now, you can move only either along the route “5→12” or along the route “5→13” since you can travel only toward your “future” – not toward your “past”.

You have to decide only whether to move along “5→12” or along “5→13”. Though, in actual life, you may have even multiple options we have, purposely, chosen two options per node keeping in mind the size of the diagram.

Obviously, you would reach the point “12” if you choose the path “5→12” and the point “13” if you choose the path “5→13”.

The points, such as the point “5”, where you have to decide in which direction you may move – are known as the “Turning Points” or the “Nodal Points” of the life.

These points give us an opportunity to exercise our discretion about the future course of our lives in the manner the point “5” gives you an opportunity to decide which way, you may like to go – toward “12” or toward “13”.

Once you reach the point “12”, the point “12” would become the next “Nodal Point” of your life where you have to, once again, decide – whether to move along the path “12→25” or the path “12→26” or to the points “27” or “28” from the point “13”.

Finally, if you reach the point “25”, you may call the point “25” as your “Destiny” or the point ‘26” – if you reach the point “26”.

When you were born, you could not have known whether you were destined to reach the points “19~24”, “25~26” or “27~38” but you get to know in which direction you may move once you arrive at any nodal point.

This simile gives us an impression as if our life is just like a journey through an unknown territory without any roadmaps in our hands.

What routes we opt for at various “Nodal Points”, decides our “Destiny”.

But the fact is, only the decisions we take at various “Nodal Points” does not decide our “Destiny”.

There is something more to it.

For instance, is it not true that Albert Einstein would never have become a mathematical prodigy had his mother not taken so much of pains as she is known to have taken to have groomed him after his school teacher reported that he was too weak in mathematics in his class since he was not able to solve even such problems as all other students of his class were able to solve with much ease?

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