Facebook Face-off

I realize that a lot of the GOP policies and Trump supported agenda does not affect me personally, but they will indeed affect our country, for sure, as they will absolutely affect other people. Millions and millions of other people.  And guess what? Other people are important, too. Life on this planet is not just about me.

I choose to make valid points about current American leadership on Facebook. You may choose to scroll past, or you can “unfriend” me if you’re tired of it. Or, you can lend your point of view and your voice by engaging in intelligent, respectful discussion. You can allow yourself to be called to action.

I think we can all agree that apathy is not an option.

When we dismiss people who use Facebook to voice their political opinions, we are definitively deciding that division trumps discussion.

We are choosing to hide behind the wall that separates us, instead of venturing bravely through an open door that could bring us together.

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