Face the sun.. that way even your shadow follows you

Face the sun.. that way even your shadow follows you
Senthil Kumar 

Face the sun..
that way even your shadow follows you
Face the trouble..
That way even your courage follows you
Face the emotion..
that way even your life follows you
Face the fear..

That way even the world follows you

EV Emmons 

Some live for past glory. 
Some live for the glory ahead.

Rinku Shah 

You weren’t made to stand in the shadow,
But to know your own power.
Stop fighting your inner demons
Make sure you both are on the same side.
The race of life is long 

and in the end it’s only with your self!

Rinku Shah 

Physical strength 
will bring you to the start line

Mental strength 

will take you to the finish line

It’s the race of life my dear,
Befriend your inner self
The toughest race is with oneself!

Karthik Parthasarathy

 As I get ready one more time,
to restart the race of my life,
there is but one question to ponder.
The shadow of my self doubts,
Have I left them trailing behind,
trying to catch up with me?
Or are they in front of me,
Hindering me 

from running the race full on?

Tanu Malhotra 

Life is not race 
for we are always on 
a ‘Start-line of Opportunities’.
But only those who learn 

from the past and not drag it forth, 
do make it forward; 
for those who carry forth 
the baggage, 
collapse with their shadows 
of the dark past.

Hrisha Paul 

Guide the shadow, 
not let the shadow guide you.

Anindya J Ganguly 

A Pessimist & an Optimist
When races in the track of Life
One always attempts to win
The Other merely tries to survive.

Mai Quesada 

The race of life is all about perspective!
Focus backward or focus forward?!
Every angle of how you see or take things
produces different result.
Choose a wiser perspective 

that gets you moving forward!

Sulekha Pande 

To succeed in any race,
I must try,
the sun I must face,
if I do that, I win with grace,
if I let the shadows bog me down,
sure as hell, I lose the crown.

Sharon Guyton 

Your past 
doesn’t have to overshadow 
your future.

Sherry Greene 

I’m left contemplating; 
am I running to, 
or from?

Smita Paul 

Different Perspectives 
leads to different results!

Reny Sven 

Leave the shadow behind 
or let the shadow haunt you.

Esther Dawn Ramírez 

You chase the past 
while I aim for my future. 
That’s your problem.

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