Exposing Your Dark Side

Exposing your dark side

Exposing your dark side doesn’t frighten me. Hiding it Does.

21 thoughts on “Exposing Your Dark Side”

  1. I completely agree, Terry D. Pickron! It's sad that alot of people solely focus on and judge others for those differences, rather then recognizing that we are all essentially human underneath. Our unique differences should be accepted and celebrated, while still honoring our basic similarities as something that we all have in common as human beings.

  2. Lol. Black has been my thing as long as I can remember. Its representative of all the mysteries found under the full moon in the darkest midnight hour and all the possibilities that can be found there. I have that other side of me that's all reds, yellows, purples and blues. The very definition of the fire that smolders deep within waiting for that right individual to fan those flames and bring me to life.

  3. hiding one's dark side means he/she has a lot of bad thoughts and ideas in his/her mind..and its absolutely not beneficial to the others… hope,I m right

    1. That's right and that's why I've never pretended I don't do a little of all those things. Everyone does those things in different percentages, because everyone has a dark side. Some of us more then others, but only someone with nefarious intent would keep that part of themselves hidden from the eyes of others. Pretending that you're only innocent and filled with light, just makes it easy to manipulate and control others to suit their selfish purposes. No one is ONLY light and anyone who pretends that they are, is a fraud and to be avoided.

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