The 6 Frustrating Double Standards of A Narcissist

Frustrating Double Standards Narcissist

4. Obsessed with their own image and power but will undermine your success.

A narcissist is obsessed with their image and superficial things. They will take lot of time and care to look good, to make contacts with influential people, and acquire possessions.

They are constantly looking for things and people that will make them look good and feed their grandiose sense of self. They will keep bragging about their talents and achievements but when it comes to your success, they will second guess you and undermine any progress.

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5. They have a grandiose sense of self but lack any real substance.

Though a narcissist looks very confident and charming on the outside, they have a very unhealthy sense of self. They constantly feel a void or a lack in themselves that they try to fill with their inflated sense of self.

They are trying to gain things that help them maintain their grandiose sense of self and since these are mostly superficial things like their physical appearance and status, they lack any depth or real substance.

6. Emotionally needy but lacking any empathy.

A narcissist is very fragile emotionally. They are constantly seeking someone to soothe them and they gain attention by either self-pity or rage. They are so full of themselves that they are unable to see beyond their own emotional needs.

If you are expecting a narcissist to demonstrate true love, compassion or empathy, then forget about it, they do not even consider others as human beings. They just view them as an object to supply them with their unending narcissistic fix.

Exposed Double Standards of a Narcissist
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The 6 Frustrating Double Standards of A Narcissist
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