Expectations Vs Reality Of The Zodiac Signs

Expectations Vs Reality Of The Zodiac Signs


Aries Expectation: Fierce ram, will screw you up, is hella brave
Aries Reality: Is a sheep with oversized horns and was bullied and is trying to overcompensate

Taurus Expectation: Loyal bull
Taurus Reality: Cow that is too lazy to betray you

Gemini Expectation: Super smart, super-intelligent, can and will slay you.
Gemini Reality: Has abandonment issues and an identity crisis every month

Cancer Expectation: Mother bear and reliable and strong
Cancer Reality: Emotional wreck

Leo Expectation: Loyal sexy and confident
Leo Reality: Emo lion

Virgo Expectation: Shy smart and organized
Virgo Reality: Always having internal meltdowns

Libra Expectation: Fashionable and friendly and fair
Libra Reality: Really sad that they cannot fix everyone

Scorpio Expectation: Dark mysterious and probably a killer
Scorpio Reality: Really emo that hates everyone and has uncontrollable emotions

Sagittarius Expectation: So wise and majestic
Sagittarius Reality: Makes up everything to compensate for the lack of meaning in their life

Capricorn Expectation: Cool, calm, collected, ambitious
Capricorn Reality: Power starved baby that just wants love

Aquarius Expectation: God
Aquarius Reality: Still God

Pisces Expectation: So cute such anime!!
Pisces Reality: How can I murder people without getting my dress dirty


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