Existential Wisdom: In Every Angel, A Demon hides!

Rinku Shah 
Existential wisdom:
In every Angel, a Demon hides!
Venomous thoughts,
Is a mind in knots.
Overflowing heart,
Unconditional love is an art.
What you foster will survive
Nurture wisely for one to thrive.
In every Demon, an Angel strides!
 Barbara Bauer 
I will not let poisoned thoughts 

touch my heart.


 Karthik Parthasarathy 
The serpentine brain
poisoning the heart.
Thinks it can contain
my feelings for you, sweetheart.
It wouldn’t know my pain,
Might think it is doing its part.
Doesn’t know it is in vain,
we can never grow apart.


 Rachel Leahanna Amburgey 
We mourn and build up walls 
once a loved one stabs us in the back, 
yet we allow our own minds 
to stab our hearts daily. 
In the end it’s not our friends 
who betray us the most, 
but our own thoughts.


 Anjana Surendran 
The venom of logic 
poisons that heart 
which chokes and bleeds 
within do’s and don’ts.



Sulekha Pande 
The serpant of the garden of Eden,
is alive in my heart and mind,
it feasts on my insecurities,
grows on my fears,
strengthens it’s hold on me,
the more I avoid,
the forked tongue,
the more it tightens
it’s grip on my heart,
and me


 Erna Duspara 
A broken heart feels like
a bite from a venomous snake.
No mercy
No remorse
It’s poison will try to end
the very last breath you take.
All the toxic memories will
forever echo in your mind.
The past cannnot be changed
So always remember to
love and treat yourself kind.


 Anindya J Ganguly 
The serpent trickles down 
from its hole of hell
To feast on my mind, 
my soul, my shelled self.


Bet T Lutz-Rafuse 
Don’t allow your demons 
to snake their way into your heart


 NaNuk Harmoni 
If not careful of 
what thoughts we allow to take root, 
they can poison the heart.


 Eugenie Ogunsola 
Don’t think negative of your self, 
its poison your heart.


 Karleen Hilton 
I would rather tear my own heart 
right out of my chest, 
than to ever have you destroy that, 
and my mind and the rest
But there is a promise I’ve made 
to the soul that is left,
Never trust what the eyes can’t see, 
a snake is a snake after all, 
believe me!

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