What is Existential Depression? 15 Signs You Have It

Existential Depression Signs You Have It

5. Nurture yourself.

Only you truly know what you need and want from life. Therefore, only you have the answers and love you need. Be kind to yourself and show self-love.

Release old patterns, thoughts, beliefs, situations, and people that don’t support your well-being.

6. Connect with others/life.

Getting a pet (or becoming closer to your existing one) is a great place to start. Dogs, in particular, give us unconditional love and help us to get out of the dark void that is existential depression. Also, try connecting with nature. Go outside with a relaxing cup of tea, watch the sky, the birds, the trees, the rain, and the sunshine. Nature can be very soothing – in fact, if you live near a forest, try and go forest bathing (the Japanese practice of using nature to calm the nervous system).

Gradually, you can build up to reaching out to a therapist that will genuinely understand where you’re coming from. Try seeking out a spiritual therapist or one that works with sufferers of the ‘spiritual emergence’ (try a Google search). Also, try simply searching for ‘existential depression therapists/counselors.’ There are many therapists worldwide that do online Skype sessions if you can’t find one in your local area.

7. Explore Soul Retrieval.

Soul Retrieval is a shamanic and psycho-spiritual tool for reintegrating lost parts of your psyche and rediscovering more inner Wholeness.

There are numerous forms of Soul Retrieval out there such as mirror workinternal family systems therapy, guided visualization, breathwork, and more.

I recommend reading our Soul Retrieval article for more guidance.

Looking to know more about soul retrieval? Read Soul Retrieval: 3 Powerful Ways to Heal Soul Loss

8. Take responsibility for your happiness.

No progress or authentic change in life can be made without taking self-responsibility. Life is multi-faceted. Yes, there is darkness, but there is also light. Yes, there is depression, but there is also joy. Learn to honor both sides and find them within everyday life, and you will experience more wholeness and inner balance. Yes, it’s important to acknowledge deep and serious existential issues, but it’s also important to acknowledge and respect life’s beauty. Above all, understand that we are so much more than the limited ego that feels small and separate. We all possess something mysterious and powerful within us. Call it the Life Force, call it Spirit, call it the Higher Self, but it’s beyond the mind. Exploring spirituality will help you to un

derstand and experience this for yourself.


I truly hope this examination of existential depression has helped open some new doors for you. I would love to hear your experience with this topic or any advice below. You could help a lot of struggling people out there.

Finally, if you are contemplating suicide, please seek immediate help here. Your life is a precious gift and one that can be salvaged, transformed, and healed if you allow it to.

Written by Aletheia Luna
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Existential depression is something not a lot of people know about, but that doesn’t make it any less tough or painful to deal with. Don’t be too hard on yourself, and treat yourself with love and patience, and you will see that it’s easier to beat this.

Existential Depression, Sensitivity and Soul Loss
What is Existential Depression? 15 Signs You Have It
Existential Depression Signs You Have It Pin
What is Existential Depression? 15 Signs You Have It
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