Excuses To Leave a Party Early While Keeping Your Dignity

Excuses to leave a party early while keeping your dignity:

1. I have a headache, I should probably go home.

2. I have a stomach ache, gotta head out. (Pretty much stuff that can’t be checked just by looking at you.)

3. I just realized I have something early in the morning/ that I have to get to today.

4. (probably for females, sorry males) Period cramps.

5. It’s my dog’s birthday.

6. I’ve gotta have dinner with my family.

7. Family emergency.

8. I have to go talk to (person) now (but you can just go home at this point, you can say you couldn’t find them if anyone asks later)

9. Don’t even go to the party in the first place, you can always pretend to have a pounding headache or that you suddenly got sick.

10. And my favorite one to do since you don’t even have to talk to anyone face to face: Quietly slip out of the party and text the host later that you enjoyed the party but suddenly had to go home due to one of the above excuses.

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