Everyone Says You Shouldn’t Rely On Another Person

Everyone Says You Shouldn't Rely

“Everyone says you shouldn’t rely on another person to fill the empty spaces in your heart. They tell you, you are just as strong on your own. But the way I see it, some of those empty spaces are only shaped for another person to fill. It doesn’t matter how much I love myself or how confident I am, in the end I can’t hold myself while I’m crying. I can’t roll over and hug myself to fall back to sleep after a bad dream.Life is about love and love is meant to be shared.”

9 thoughts on “Everyone Says You Shouldn’t Rely On Another Person”

  1. Interestingly you hold your own power to your happiness!! If you are waiting for someone else to help heal you then you need to heal yourself first!! If you arent strong& independent as you are being alone then you need to look at why& work on that!! Only once you are whole & at peace with yourself will you attract the right partner!!

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