15 Everyday Habits That Gives Away Parts of Your Personality

Habits of Your Personality

13. Your handwriting 

Your writing style

1. People with large handwriting are people-oriented and attention-seeking.

2. Small-handwriting means you are introverted and have good concentration. 

3. The slanted text reveals you are friendly and impulsive, while left slant indicates you are reserved and individualistic.

4. No slant means you are logical and pragmatic.

5. Handwriting with heavy pressure implies you hold strong emotions and quick to react but light pressure suggests you are easy-going and can move from place to place. 

14. The way you carry a bag

Habits Gives Away Parts of Personality info

According to the body language expert Patti Wood:

1. Wearing a purse in the crook of your arm shows you are high-maintenance and place a lot of emphasis on social status.

2. Wearing a strap across your body with the bag in front means you prioritize protection and accessibility

3. Toting your bag behind you implies a cool, calm, and collected personality.

4. If you mostly prefer a backpack you are more independent and want to take care of yourself and the people around you,

5. Carrying a bag in hand indicates you are an assertive, well-organized, and efficient person.

15. Your shoe style

Your Shoe style

1.If you prefer high-heeled boots that implies you are the one to take control of the situation.

2. Flat-wearer are always focused, modest, and generous.

3. Those who prefer wearing comfortable shoes are relatively agreeable.

These are 15 everyday habits that gives away alot of personality details.

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Habits Gives Away Personality
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